Dream Clouds  

Dream Clouds  

That’s not it, whatever you have

That’s not love.


And grasping a cloud from the sky

won’t make it love,

And a cloud won’t cushion your fall.


You pull at your cloud like a parachute cord.

But it can’t stop your fall

Gravity pulls at us all.

You’re not immune.


Still, your cloud is your dream and your hope.

It’s not mine to deflate.


So may your cloud stop your descent

with a gentle bounce.

May it leave you

On a safe, firm surface where you can dance.  


May your cloud give you joy.

Watch it shift and change

And become the reality you’re dreaming of.


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2 thoughts on “Dream Clouds  ”

  • MG, there is much loving kindness in this poem. And sadness. Cloud as metaphor for that which we cling to in faith. I will sit this this for a while- it is very beautiful.

  • Thanks, John. This was about a friend, in a horrible marriage, who bounced in one day with the news “I’m pregnant!” The old ‘a baby will make everything better’ dream… Happy ending, though, after having gorgeous baby girl, getting divorced, then finding and, ultimately, marrying a friend from high school who had always carried a torch for her. 🙂


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