Fireworks Bloom

Fireworks Bloom

Fireworks bloom across my mother’s chest

hot and cold colors together

redbluepurple some black like smoke

constellations slowly erupting

galaxies of fire seen from light years in the future

overtaking the world in time


The smell of the icy universe is not the smell of life

life begins in blood and pain and continues on

our choice of paths infinite and terrible.

amble easy along the wide river,

strike out across the unknown plains

toil up jagged mountains, voyage across frozen oceans

only to return to where we started

the journey a spiraling loop

no escaping the beginning or the end,

they are the same


Negative space

The absence of a thing

Its goneness otherness uninhabitable in the finite


She is gone

Her laughter and tears echoing only in my head

Her profile like a Roman coin

From a world gone by

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