The Proposal

The Proposal

The proposal

He reads and re-reads his letter to her,

a tall auburn haired beauty.

She’s got to say yes.

But he packs his bag and drops the letter in the mail

on his way out of town.

He doesn’t want to see her

If she says no.

He drives ignoring the landscape,

not hearing the radio

and wonders.

What if yes what if no.

Plucks cigarettes out of the pack.

She loves me. She loves me not.

He finally arrives at the hotel room he rented for a week,

and lies down to wait.

Days pass, did she even get it yet?

Is she thinking about it?

Did she just throw it away?

Is he an idiot?

Hope waxes and wanes like moon cycles.

Then late in the afternoon,

A knock on the door.

“Phone call for you.

It’s a lady.”


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